Maximizing Academic Achievement

  • Jim Cartmill founded the nationally recognized Compact for Success – nearly doubling the number of Sweetwater District graduates admitted to San Diego State University.  Jim Cartmill will work to expand this vital program to other colleges and universities.
  • Jim Cartmill supports a four-year university near Olympic Training Center and will work with the community and legislators to make it happen.
  • Jim Cartmill believes in the necessity of a career tech education.  As a school board member, Jim Cartmill instituted career tech in the Sweetwater District with courses of study in construction management , medical technology and computer science (IT). Career Tech education prepares each graduate with an employable skill upon graduation from High School while also preparing them to enter college – giving them vital choices for their future.
  • Jim Cartmill will work to increase technology in the classroom.  As President of the Sweetwater School Board, Jim Cartmill oversaw implementation of the district iPad initiative that provided every 7th and 8th grade student in the Sweetwater District an iPad tablet computer as their primary learning tool allowing students to take tests, do homework and communicate with their teachers.
  • Jim Cartmill was recognized by the South Bay Alliance for Arts Education for working to keep the arts in our schools and will work to increase funding for the visual and performing arts to enhance academic success.
  • Jim Cartmill fought to keep our athletic programs – a vital like for student success – when other districts were cutting athletics. Jim Cartmill will work to enhance these efforts.
  • Jim Cartmill will also work with community leaders to bring a community swimming pool in the Eastlake / Otay Ranch area.

Financial Accountability – Protecting Taxpayer Dollars

  • Jim Cartmill will work to bring back a balanced budget requirement he voted for as a school board member.
  • Jim Cartmill supports a Forensic Audit of school district finances to increase transparency.

Safe Schools

  • Jim Cartmill instituted full-time sworn officers at our schools in increase safety for students and staff.
  • Jim Cartmill opposes “open enrollment” that is causing overcrowding at Eastlake High School, Olympian High School and Otay Ranch High School as well as Eastlake Middle School and Rancho Del Rey Middle School.
  • Jim Cartmill opposes elimination of bus routes that jeopardize student safety.