“With four boys involved in the Sweetwater District, we are so thankful that Jim Cartmill has served our community on the Sweetwater School Board. He is committed to help families like us and we can see that commitment in his life.”

Ken AramDistrict Parent and Music Teacher

“Jim Cartmill has been a solid fixture on the Sweetwater School District Board and has always had favorable feedback from the community. He spoke at the graduations of both of my children. His words were positive and his interest in the students was a breath of fresh air.”

Michael R. CohenChief Executive Officer

“I’ve known Jim Cartmill for 32 years. He has always been about helping others first, not himself.”

Brian KitsonMiddle School Teacher

“Jim Cartmill is a well-respected Board Member and dynamic public speaker. He presented for our Classified Employees Development Academy and delivered an uplifting, charismatic program that provided the students with direction and hope for the future of education. I personally support Jim Cartmill wholeheartedly.”

Jan BrannenSchool District Human Resources Director

“During a difficult time, I reached out to Jim Cartmill and asked for his help regarding my children and their education. He went beyond the call of duty to support me and continued through the years to check in a make sure I had the resources necessary to keep my kids involved and equipped to succeed. Jim Cartmll is on of the hardest working men I know for his community. He and his wife Cindy ante their sweet daughter have made an incredible impact in the real lives of people.”

Kimberly ScottDistrict Parent

“As a longtime businessman and community advocate, I count on individuals like Jim Cartmill to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with me in times of challenge.

During his service on the board I have seen Jim Cartmill willingly take on difficult challenges because of his sincere dire to see the best for the students in the District. Jim Cartmill is the quality of individual that only increase the value of all he touches and stands as an example of what it truly means to be a civic servant.”

Jerry JamisonBusiness Owner and Sweetwater District Hall of Fame

“Jim Cartmill is a leader in our community. On the school board he has worked tirelessly to make a difference in our future. He has helped pass campaign finance reform, and he works to find common ground within the school board to build a consensus. Most importantly, he inspires our children with his words of encouragement and his motivation.”

Dawn M. Dell’AcquaDistrict Parent

“We live in Rolling Hills Ranch and feel that Jim Cartmill’s focus is on helping the community. We hope that he will continue giving to our community and the school district.”

Doreen Daily

“We have witnessed Jim Cartmill speaking publically at graduations, school board meetings and special community events.  His speeches are very motivational with emphasis on supporting and empowering our to become future leaders of our community and world. The kids connect with him because they trust him. He believes the best in people and fights for the underdog. Jim Cartmill’s public service makes a positive difference.

I have seen Jim Cartmill over the years grow as a leader and motivator of students. I always enjoy finding out he will be speaking at various Sweetwater events.”

Terri Payton-HunsickerDistrict Parent

“I greatly admire and respect Jim Cartmill for his selfless lifestyle and commitment to positively impact the lives of students. Because of Jim Cartmill’s commitment to empowering our students, I believe he is a great benefit to anything involving students, especially the school board.”

Frank MartinezDistrict Parent

“My wife and I met Jim Cartmill a few years ago. He has had a great impact on my family’s life. He is a very genuine individual that leads with integrity, great care and always has the best interest of the community at heart.”

Robert CromerDistrict Parent

“Jim Cartmill has comported himself as a serious board member – carefully considering various issues confronting the district. He has consistently displayed concern in a fiduciary capacity over issues such as: quality of education, sustainability of district finances, scope of district commitments and liabilities and the breadth of facilities available in the present and the future for both students and staff.”

Paul NietoFormer President & CEO, Eastlake Development Company

“Jim Cartmill’s reputation is one of consensus building.  His leadership was instrumental in achieving a 3 year agreement with district teachers when negotiations stalled.”

Tom HasseyChula Vista High School Teacher of the Year

“Mr. Cartmill changed my life when I was in high school and the lives of so many others.  The values he nurtured in me regarding community service and providing guidance to our youth led me to this rewarding career in teaching high school students.”

Brandy DaviesHigh School Teacher